I Kinda Like Dita Von Teese


For those of you who take what I write seriously (which, uh, why?), and think I’m just a vapid bitch who lives to write horrible shit about people I don’t know (well, kinda) – I hold this up as evidence that I’m not entirely evil. I like Dita Von Teese. She seems like a cool chick. She spoke recently about her break-up with Marilyn Manson and his subsequent (or was it concurrent?) relationship with 19-year-old Evan Rachel Wood. And she didnt’ really talk shit. She just sounded truthful. She could have been all “he sucked” and “she’s a teenage tramp”. Nope. She acknowledges she doesn’t agree with it but she sounds like she’s over it. It’s almost refreshing. Like a cold Fresca on a hot day! We didn’t even get tortured by a song she wrote about it. And thanks for that, by the way.

Manson, she says down the line, has a party lifestyle that she found impossible to live with. ‘It was difficult, because I was trying to get him help for his problems, and eventually I realised that he didn’t want help. I wasn’t supportive about his partying or his relationship with another girl, and as much as I loved him I wasn’t going to be part of that.’ After the wedding the relationship went into sharp decline, according to Von Teese. ‘Everything went downhill after we got married. I started working a lot to escape my home life.’ Manson, she says, lapsed into depression.

So yeah, it sounds like he was cheating on her with a teenager. Keep reading for more details and for more photos of Dita Von Teese.

There was also an alleged infidelity. Indeed, in his Rolling Stone interview, Manson dropped a lot of hints about having a new relationship. His new album, he said, ‘was clearly written to seduce somebody’. He attributes his musical revival to a close friend’s gesture of devotion. ‘She picked up a butcher’s knife and said, “Here, you can stab me,”‘ he says. ‘When someone was willing to drown with me, I really didn’t want to drown any more.’

The interview clearly cut Von Teese to the quick. ‘He says how depressed he was. I get the impression he thinks I was unsupportive,’ she says. ‘But the truth is I wasn’t supportive of his lifestyle, and someone else came along who was.’ Von Teese issued Manson an ultimatum, and, she says sadly, ‘It didn’t work. Instead, it made me the enemy.’ She decided to move out on Christmas Eve, essentially empty-handed. ‘I left with nothing. I knew that there was an inappropriate relationship going on in it, and I didn’t want any part of it around to remind me. I didn’t want that sofa. I didn’t want that bed. I didn’t want the knife you read about in the article.’

I think I would have taken the knife and started using it. Then again, he wants us to think he’s into that. Look at me, I’ve got a glass eye in and a Nazi uniform on and all I want to be is loved! Stop. Cut it out, Brian.