I Hope Someone Gives Jennifer Aniston Good News For X-mas

Cause the bitch could certainly use some. It seems like since news of the dissolution of her marriage first hit newsstands, Jennifer Aniston has been getting hit with one relationship setback after another. First, the emergence of her ex-husband’s suspiciously quick recovery from their divorce, then her relationship and subsequent break-up with Vince Vaughn, and now she gets to watch her former love, Brad Pitt, live out her dreams of building a family with the woman she believes took him from her. US Weekly reports:

“The Shiloh pictures kill Jen,” says one Aniston source of the pricey pictures, which also feature the couple’s son, Maddox, 5, and daughter Zahara, 23 months. Adds a second Aniston source, who says that Aniston was warned that Pitt, 43, and Jolie, 31, would soon release this second round of family pictures: “She is so torn-up about the fact that Brad was able to move on and has a perfect family life with that witch.”

Maybe it wouldn’t be such a cross to bear if that baby weren’t so damn beautiful. Cause seriously, can we all agree Shiloh is friggin’ ridiculous? The very least that Fate could have done for Jen was to give her some kind of imperfection–but unfortunately for her, that baby is definitely still in the running toward becoming America’s Next Top Model.

Jen’s Worst Fear Comes True [US Weekly]