I Have a Feeling Amy’s Winehouse Is Going to Write “Seriously, Stop Trying to Send me to Rehab”

Oh lord. I find girlfriend utterly fascinating, but clearly bonkers. It’s kind of the way that I am obsessed with Kathy Griffin, but know that actually being her friend would probably be one of the most exhausting tasks ever. Amy Winehouse cut herself with a shard of mirror, carving “I love Blake” onto the skin of her stomach during an interview with Spin magazine. All the while, she was swearing like a sailor, and in and out of the bathroom, after which she was constantly checking out her nose with her little mirror shard, you know, the “compact” preferred by crazy women everywhere.

‘I don’t care. I don’t care about any of this and I don’t have much of an opinion on myself.’

‘I write songs because I’m f***ed in the head and need to get something good out of something bad.’

‘I thought ‘I’m going to die if I don’t write down the way I feel I’m going to do myself in.’ It’s nothing spectacular.

‘And if I did I’d be a f***ing right ****, wouldn’t I?’

I was totally that girl who was friends with crazies like this all through middle and high school. Like my friend, Maria, whose house I’d stop over at before school in the seventh grade, to put on make-up and use her hairspray to attempt to give myself big bangs. Or my friend, in Germany, who used to pierce her own ears while riding the street car. But, I’m not really that good of a friend, plus I’m lazy, because I seriously do not have the time or motivation to get involved in an intervention.

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