I Guess There Really IS A Time And Place For A Dance-Off

According to Janet Charlton’s Hollywood:

Just another wild night out with Paris Hilton. Thursday at Hyde, Paris’s music producer Scott Storch hosted her and Jenna Jameson and Brandon Davis at his booth. Paris was chugging right out of a Grey Goose vodka bottle and getting wilder by the minute- she and Jenna started pawing each other and smooching and dancing provocatively. Paris leaped to dance on the table for maximum exposure. Christina Aguilera and her dancers were at the next table (It so happens Scott Storch produced HER album too!) and when they saw Paris table dancing they leaped on their own table for a dance off. The dance contest- without benefit of a dancefloor- lasted until the girls collapsed in a sweaty heap.

So THAT’S how the rich and useless settle a dispute. I wonder who ended up “getting served.”

Written by Lisa Timmons

More of Paris Hilton in that outfit, at her CD signing party sponsored by Z100 at FYE after the jump.

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