I Figured Reese Witherspoon Would Be Fan Friendly!

Apparently Autograph magazine is keeping tabs on who is nice to fans and who is nasty. Topping their list of polite celebs? Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie.

“Reese is as unaffected by fame as she is beautiful, and loves her fans,” says Steve Cyrkin.

Who’s a bitch?

* Demi Moore – “bad attitude…treats fans like they’re ghosts”

* Cameron Diaz

* Barbra Streisand – “known for being rude and demeaning in public”

Angelina is said to be one of the best because she walks right up to fans and signs for them all the time.

We even know of an instance where a fan found out the hotel room she was staying in, knocked on her door … and Jolie let her in!” Now that just sounds dangerous or silly…but probably back in the ‘dark’ Jolie days, not out of character

Check out Reese having lunch in LA!