I can’t deny…

…that I secretly find this woman incredibly fabulous. Sometimes, I wish Tom Cruise had impregnated ME so that I could zip off to Paris and hang out with my new BFF, Posh Spice. In any case, that twas my intro for the following quotes of hers from SAWF News:

“High-heeled marabou feathered pumps look fabulous, but are hardly going to work dashing round the kitchen,” the Mirror quoted her, as saying. “Instead I like little flat ones with patterns that my mum always gets for me from Marks & Spencer,” she added. Soccer ace David Bekham’s wife further said that she has simple eating habits and that she hates to spend recklessly on her shopping sprees. “The idea that once you get a bit of money you stagger round all day in couture and stilettos is mad as thinking you will survive on caviar and champagne. Toast is still my favorite food and at the end of the day I am happiest in jeans.”

It’s like a drag queen advising other queens on how to dress casually. I love it. The ony thing I have a problem with is believing that she eats anything, much less a straight-up carb.

More photos from Victoria Beckham’s US Harper’s Bazaar fashion spread after the jump.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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