I Can’t Believe John Waters Is Covering For Travolta’s Gay Ass

John Waters? John Waters is covering for a space-alien worshipping closet case? To give credit where credit is due, I think Johnny Trav did a fine job in “Hairspray”. It was obviously a role he was born to play. There now I can get back to gnashing my damn teeth over John Waters helping Johnny Trav deny deny deny despite that picture from last fall of him making out with his live-in boyfriend. If Anderson Cooper can come out on live TV via snarky remark, alien child abusing queens can do it just as easy!

Last fall, high-flying Scientology-loving John Travolta was caught in a lip-lock with his male nanny. His lawyer explained it away at the time as a “customary, non-romantic gesture.”

Now the Queen of Weird, John Waters, is backing up Travolta’s claims. When Gatecrasher asked the director of the original “Hairspray” about Travolta’s kiss-off behavior, he responded “He kissed me hello, he kisses everybody!”

Yeah, but on the penis? Then again, maybe Travolta’s weirdness is right up John’s alley.