I Always Wanted to Be a Secret Agent/Fashion Designer

Thanks to “Second Life” you can. It is an online world that lets you live a double life. Something like a SIM community you are able to live another life thanks to the internet.

Second Life is also having its very own virtual fashion week. The 3-D universe provides an outlet for those of us that are not on the VIP list for New York’s fashion week. The world even has its own version of highly sought after lines such as caLLie cLine, Simone Stern and Paper Couture. February 9th at 9 pm EST you can be front and center for your own private fashion week in the comfort of your lazy-boy.

The show will also hold a Q & A session in which you can interact with the designers themselves. After the shows you can the shop the virtual collections as you are transported to stores. Without spending thousands of dollars you have a version of play money to spend without breaking your real life bank.

Beats playing Dungeons and Dragons in your parents basement.

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