I Know Secretly That Nancy O’Dell Hated Billy Bush

A few weeks ago, Entertainment Tonight made the announcement that former Access Hollywood anchor Nancy O’Dell would be replacing the legendary Mary Hart.

O’Dell quit her job at Access last December, but in an interview with The New York Post, she says it wasn’t planned: “I’m sure Access wouldn’t have let me out of my contract if they had known.”  Though O’Dell doesn’t cop to claims of “unhappiness at her former gig,” she does admit she was ready for a change.

“It didn’t feel like the right fit anymore. I think after you reach a certain level of maturity and a certain point in your career and you know what you want and what you feel good about, you know when it’s time to make a change,” she says.

“The people feel right, the executives feel right, the fellow correspondents feel right, the way the show is — the classiness — feels right,” she says about her decision to take the position on ET.

“Everybody already thought I worked at Entertainment Tonight anyway.” Eat that Billy Bush, you worthless POS.