Hurricane Donald Hits Meredith Vieira

January 5th, 2007 // 14 Comments

OMG, you guys. This antagonism is totally starting to remind me of the East Coast vs. West Coast rap wars of days gone by. From TMZ:

Donald Trump unleashed another verbal attack on the “Today” show this morning, but this time the rage was directed squarely at host Meredith Vieira. The Donald, who was booked on the show to promote “The Apprentice,” went crazy after Vieira immediately brought up the infamous Rosie feud. Trump steamed, “Here we are talking about ‘The Apprentice’ and you don’t want to The hate-ables gallery: Click to launch photostalk about ‘The Apprentice,’ you want to talk about Rosie, and you shouldn’t mention them in the same breath.”

I really want someone to get shot. That would be some fun, gossipy drama.

OK, I’m sorry. That’s totally ridiculous and immature. Maybe just a bite on the ankle. But it has to be on live television, or it doesn’t count.

Trump Goes Nuts on Meredith Vieira [TMZ]

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Whitney

    This is the same idiot who doesn’t think Angelina Jolie is beautiful! Should we listen to a word he says?

    Funny… these “debates” he so often gets into seem to always pop up when publicity is needed. (TV shows… ummmm…. WATER?)…..interesting…

  2. kitt

    Meh. The next season of the Apprentice is starting soon so, of course, he’s going to milk the feud for all it’s worth plus more. The more drama = the more publicity = more ratings. With no Martha Stewart to battle with in hopes of raising interest in the declining Apprentice ratings, this is all he has. Poor Donald.

  3. kikichanelconspiracy

    “This antagonism is totally starting to remind me of the East Coast vs. West Coast rap wars of days gone by.” BWAH! That’s so appropriate. I’m pulling for the Donald and his dumbass kids to get shot.

  4. The Apprentice is shite.

  5. The Donald is just playing the media…the more people pay attention, the more he blathers….blah..blah..blah…next…..

    OH, Whiney,
    Anjelina is NOT beautiful. She is an anorexia home wrecking whore.
    She should be burned at the stake.

    K? K.

  6. Zeld F.

    I saw that interview on live tv. The Trumps were clearly there to discuss The Apprentice. First thing out of Viera’s mouth was about “the Rosie feud”. Trump was irritated, rightly so, because every time he tried to steer it back to The Apprentice, Viera steered it back to Rosie. I thought Viera was out of line and deliberately trying to antagonize both Trumps to get some play for herself. And, frankly, I thought Ivanka was very articulate. I never liked Donald ’till I started watching his show. And I agree, he’s a big mouthed blow hard, but I think he’s fair. Rosie on the other hand, is just a blow hard attacking anyone she can, using the media to fuel her “angry lesbian” hematomas. Can’t we all just get along????

  7. InThisCase

    He was right in this case – she brought it up to get herself in the publicity and it backfired.

  8. downintexas

    I’m sorry, but who cares about whatever Donald is saying???? The only reason he is ranting on TV with the help of his ugly daughter and non-English speaking wife is because nobody is seeing his show anymore. He’s so over!!!

  9. mil


  10. ZeldaF

    Loob – check out Websters: Hematoma (or as you say, “bruise”) “a local swelling or tumour filled with blood”. A very definite description of Rosie, in my own humble opinion…….. Whatcha think? :-)

  11. Samantha

    Trump has been so disgustingly seeking attention lately and what I’m disgusted the most is that he didn’t fire that disgraced Ms USA. Hypocrite!

  12. Ross

    I have a feeling this will be the last season of the apprenctice. He is a digging himself a huge hole. Hes rude, and obnoxious. Half of the things rosie said about her were not even as degrating as what he’s said. It kind of shows he really thinks women are below him!

  13. buggey

    Donald is an obnoxious asshole. Meredith should not have started the conversation about Rosey, but he did not have to go off like that. He jumped on Meredith real bad. He would not have said those things to Matt or another man. He knows who to say those things to. Rosey would have told him off. He hates strong smart women.( Angelina Jolie, Rosey, Ivana). Thats why he says Angie is not pretty. Rosey hurt the little boys’ feelings.

  14. ZeldaF

    Loob – Luv Ya Baby!!! I think we’re on the same page……. Happy New Year, I Hope 2007 is your best yet!

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