Hurricane Donald Hits Meredith Vieira

OMG, you guys. This antagonism is totally starting to remind me of the East Coast vs. West Coast rap wars of days gone by. From TMZ:

Donald Trump unleashed another verbal attack on the “Today” show this morning, but this time the rage was directed squarely at host Meredith Vieira. The Donald, who was booked on the show to promote “The Apprentice,” went crazy after Vieira immediately brought up the infamous Rosie feud. Trump steamed, “Here we are talking about ‘The Apprentice’ and you don’t want to The hate-ables gallery: Click to launch photostalk about ‘The Apprentice,’ you want to talk about Rosie, and you shouldn’t mention them in the same breath.”

I really want someone to get shot. That would be some fun, gossipy drama.

OK, I’m sorry. That’s totally ridiculous and immature. Maybe just a bite on the ankle. But it has to be on live television, or it doesn’t count.

Trump Goes Nuts on Meredith Vieira [TMZ]