Hurricane Sandy In Pictures [PHOTOS]

Sassy Sandy
The scary hurricane gets lippy on Twitter.
Photos taken of the Eastern Seaboard – from Southern New Jersey to Massachusetts – have been captured by Getty Images, showing the disastrous effects Hurricane Sandy has had thus far.  According to experts, the worst is yet to come.

Atlantic City’s boardwalk is currently on land, and high tide isn’t even until 8pm tonight.

“The storm is not at its apex yet, it’s going to get worse between now and the next time I speak with you,” Governor Chris Christie warned residents, according to New England Cable News.  “When it comes in tonight we are not going to be able to come in and rescue you, it’s going to be dark, electricity will be out and we won’t be able to get first responders in to find you.”

In other words, don’t be stupid.  Get to safer ground. 

Sandy is 700 miles wide with hurricane-force winds stretching out 175 miles from the center, according to NECN. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that public transportation will likely be closed tomorrow, as will most businesses in the city.  Saks Fifth Avenue tweeted that both its store and corporate offices will remain closed through Tuesday.