Hunter Parrish Shows Us He’s All Grown Up

Hunter Parrish has grown up right before our eyes into a man. I haven’t watched the season premiere of Weeds just yet, but I’m about to today…I cannot wait! 

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Parrish’s own high school experience wouldn’t have been anything like his character’s life. Although, he was basically in his school’s Glee club.

“My experience was not like that at all,” he says. “We were the theater table (at lunch) but we were cool. Half the jocks were theater people, there wasn’t these strict lines. We did what we did. Maybe I was really optimistic and positive but I didn’t see it as geeky.”

And he’ll pass on the young Hollywood party scene “I want people around me who call me out and hold me accountable,” he says. “The people who have lost it and are going crazy, I think where are the people in their lives saying, ‘What are you doing?'”

Here are photos from where he tells the magazine that every morning “is like a pass-fail test. I wake up, look in the mirror and think, okay, I can pass today.”

Yes, dear, you pass…