Hunter Parish Is Open To Blind Dates

Any takers?

Cutie Hunter Parish from Showtime’s Weeds recently dished to USA Today about his normal Texas upbringing and how his own parents met on a blind date and would be open to finding the love of his life that way!

“I’m definitely in the market,” Hunter said. “My parents met on a blind date [and] they’ve been married for 32 years.”

Sweet Texas boys and their upbringings! I love that. And just look at those dreamboat eyes and solid bone structure when Hunter hit the red carpet for the It’s Complicated premiere. C-U-T-I-E.

Although my TV obsession leans strictly towards the Glee cuties, I might have to actually start watching Weeds now that I know Hunter is such a gem and Mark-Paul Gosselar has joined the cast.

But, I don’t have to toke up to follow what’s going on, right?