‘Hunger Games’ Star Josh Hutcherson Gets His Surf On In Hawaii

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Josh Hutcherson plays the character Peeta in the new ‘The Hunger Games’ film alongside co-star Jennifer Lawrence who says that Josh is “down to earth, he’s not fake in any way.” According to MTV, Josh was emotionally invested in the part and related easily to it. 

“Oh, God, this is going to sound so stupid: Me, because I have literally never read a character, book or script or anything that has a character in it I connected with more than Peeta,” he said. “I feel like so much of who I am is Peeta. It drove me crazy during the audition process, because I was like, “This is so me, it hurts. If I don’t get this, I’m not even good at being me, so now what am I? I have no idea what to do next,” said Hutcherson.

 Seen here, the charming young actor Josh Hutcherson paddle boards in Hawaii on January 20th while on break from promoting ‘Journey To The Center Of The Earth 2′. He looks quite charming in those board shorts. There is no doubt his performance will be great in the upcoming ‘The Hunger Games’ series.