Hulk Hogan’s Son In Car Crash


Hulk Hogan’s son and co-star in his hit reality show Nick Bollea was injured in a car crash last night in downtown Clearwater, Florida. His car’s rear end smacked off the median, went off the road and smashed into a palm tree. Ouch. Bollea and his fellow passenger had to extracted from the car by fire fighters and were Medivaced to St. Petersburg for treatment. Bollea’s condition is listed as “serious” and his passenger’s is “critical”. Double ouch.

“His car inexplicably left the road,” Clearwater Police spokesman Wayne Shelor tells PEOPLE, “and it was totally destroyed upon impact.”

The cause of the crash is unknown, although police believe the car was traveling at a high rate of speed. “We don’t know exactly what happened,” says Shelor, “but we are investigating.”

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Police alerted Hulk Hogan to the accident. According to a hospital source, the wrestler and his family are in a private waiting room as Bollea is being treated for “very serious, life-threatening” injuries. Hogan declined to address the media through a hospital spokesperson on Sunday evening, but plans to make a statement on Monday morning.

This will make for a tense episode of the show. That’s all I have. I hope he and his passenger get better, and avoid that terrible Leif Garrett moment where he had to apologize to the guy he put in the wheelchair. But no snark. I love Hulk Hogan! What am I – Lucius Malfoy?

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