Hulk Hogan And That Other Guy Need To Put Shirts On

Damn, Pumping Iron 6: The Old And Leathery. Hey, listen. I’m no beauty at the beach either. I tend to keep my shirt on because my moobs stop traffic. And not in a good way. But Hulk Hogan and his girlfriend Jennifer McDaniel are terrifying Jaws.

No shark is going to eat those Slim Jim-looking people. Especially with all that hair bleach. Ocean predators would be floating belly up. Also, her pec is coming out of her top. I’m calling the beach patrol.

By the way, Jennifer is NOT the woman who broke up Hulk Hogan’s marriage. That was some other woman with poor eyesight and a lust for money that outweighed her good sense. Trust me, no women in this guy’s orbit look that much better. And I’m including that pre-op daughter of his.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin Online

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