‘The Hulk’ Having Trouble Coming To Life

The writer and star of the most recent movie installment of The Incredible Hulk, Ed Norton, is doing little to promote the upcoming release of his film. After Norton vehemently disagreed with producers on the final version of the summer action flick, he is now avoiding the usual promotional circuit opting not to give interviews to hype up the movie.

Both Norton and the film’s director, Louis Leterrier, had been hoping the picture would be longer and more more in-depth than the version Marvel Studios is set to premiere. Leterrier explains, “I regret that [Marvel and Norton] didn’t come to an agreement where we could’ve all worked together.”

Ultimately, I think the problem is the lack of Lou Ferrigno in the formula. There’s just something about seeing him dyed green in shredded denim shorts while wearing a wig that looks like a haircut an 8-year-old would give himself with some pinking shears that warms the cockles of my heart.