Hugh Laurie Perfects His American Accent

To hide your accent and speak like an American is a challenging achievement according to British actor Hugh Laurie. Laurie, who plays the caustic doctor House on the Fox medical drama, expresses that speaking like an American is not as easy as it sounds. I guess sounding continually pompous and proper is difficult, however, you must stand up straight while sticking your neck out just enough to give your nose a slight life in the air. Now that takes practice!

The 47 year-old actor states in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly that he has yet to identify a single word that is pronounced the same both in England and America. Constantly having to stop and listen to your accent makes it hard to absorb yourself in the scene. So I guess that means that sarcasm is spoken differently in England and America? He must be doing something right because the actor who brought home a Golden Globe for his performance earlier this year.

‘House’ Star Says Speaking Like an American No Small Feat [FOX News]

Written by Christy Pastore

Tags: Television