Hugh Jackman Strips

February 25th, 2008 // 12 Comments

We felt you probably need a little break in the Oscar coverage, so why not feature some photos of a shirtless and very pumped up Hugh Jackman. Hugh’s spending some qulaity time with his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness and children Oscar and Ava. Sporting his “Wolverine” beard, Hugh showed off his honed torso as he frolicked in the surf with Oscar.

Photos: Pacific Coast News Online

12 more photos of a shirtless Hugh Jackman are after the jump.

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Photos: Pacific Coast News Online

By Michael Prieve

  1. jackson

    Thank you! This will definitely get me through Monday!

  2. Drew B

    Holy Christ Hugh Jackman is RIPPED! WOW!!!! I loved him before as an actor but now, oh now it’s personal . . . he’s gorgeous and I likey.

  3. kathotdog

    I could stare at these photos all day long.

  4. NYSailorScout

    I think it is steroids. He is growing too fast and the veins are- curious. Remember, steroids are not illegal. They are only illegal for athletes (correct me if I am wrong.)

  5. *This comment has been delayed due to the fact the writer’s head exploded at the sheer sexiness.*

  6. beanie

    OMG….stare…intently…all…day …long…

  7. Ruddigore

    Why is it that Hugh Jackman is always at the beach, but never seems to get a tan?

  8. 73

    Oh. Christ. No words. Deborra-Lee is one lucky woman….

  9. Kate

    I like this photoes. When I look at him I feel, that it is not only the beauty of a body, but also the beauty of a soul

  10. Ephigenie

    hot hot hot, add the scene from “Australia”. never noticed that he is so ripped. miow

  11. Jon

    There are no Steroids there. I’ve Looked at Hugh Jackmans Training with Mike Ryan (his personal trainer and friend for about twenty years), it is a seriously intense workout and well balanced Six meals a day with protein supplements to get the best recuperation for the muscles.

    And you gotta admit, who wouldn’t want to look like that? Come on!

  12. Kelly McCord

    Ohhh he is just Dreamy……and what an amazing Husband and Father……Ohhh his wife is Lucky…..He is Beautiful……Inside and Out…..What a man!

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