Hugh Jackman In A Straightjacket!

Now that we have the attention of mental health professionals and certain website subscribers, we’re here to inform you that Hugh Jackman plans to return to Broadway after his epic film Australia opens. Whether it’s hit or miss, no one knows at this point. It’s Baz Luhrmann directing but it’s also a Botox-addicted Nicole Kidman looking like a human Hummel figurine.

Hugh is going to play famed escape artist Harry Houdini in a Broadway musical with music and lyrics by Danny Elfman. This ain’t Hugh’s first time at the theatre diva rodeo. He starred on Broadway in a musical about gay Australian singer Peter Allen called The Boy From Oz in 2003 and 2004.

There’s no script yet, but word is that Jackman and his hot chest are already practicing some of Houdini’s crazy magic acts. So, he’s hanging upside in straightjackets over razors and boiling oil. Probably beats working with Kidman’s Botox syringes laying around all over the set.

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