Hugh Jackman & Daniel Craig Support Worldwide Orphan Foundation

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Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, along with his Steady Rain co-star Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell attended the 2009 Worldwide Orphans Foundation Benefit Gala. Hugh and his wife were Honorary Committe Co-Chairs for the event.

The Worldwide Orphans Foundation provides direct services in many areas to care for the health of children living in orphanages around the world.

Also attending the event were Wendy Deng Murdoch and Weeds star Mary Louise Parker.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jesus Glorious Orphanage

    I Sent Greetings to you in jesus name sir..! I praying to start an orphanage at above seated address in India. Please Pray & Help me. Thanking You.

  2. Jesus Glorious Orphanage

    I Sent Greetings to you in jesus name sir..! I praying to start an orphanage at above seated address in India. Please Pray & Help me.

  3. Rich Friday


    Additional Program Details

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    During the course of a needs assessment on the care and support for children infected by HIV/AIDS conducted by HFVCM community health division during 2009 March, its was revealed that most children presented with opportunistic infections and had not received appropriate medical care.

    Some showed growth malnutrition and caregivers lacked adequate knowledge and skills to care for these sick and infected children. It was noted that the sick children does not get enough medical care in the health units because of lack of counseling skills on the part of the health workers.

    Among the twelve (12) health units in the rural areas of Kasese district especially in mountains and lake regions, only three (3) regions had only one (1) staff skilled in caring after infected children. It was found that most parents and caregivers preferred looking after children at home to their long stay with the sickness and also care takers having to look after other family members and feeding for their families.

    Many complained of abject poverty at staying long at hospitals away from home becomes more expensive. HFVCM home based care program has been looked at as an ideal solution to address the about concerns.


    HIV/AIDS disease has been associated with shame and negative stigma resulting into many infected children and Adults as whole.

    Those who suffer from the disease are frequently with out social support, financial means, abilities including health insurance; those caregivers and family members have little and no ideal on how to care for HIV/AIDS children victims provides need to pay more attention.

    Our government health centers in our district are not stocked with medical supplies, manpower and drugs to match, the increasing number of HIV/AIDS patients. In such situation patients can not afford to buy the needed medicines and this leads to quick death.

    The number of children infected with HIV/AIDS is highly increasing. Information searched by HFVCM community health service shows that an average of 32 children dies every year of HIV/AIDS in 21 sub-counties of Kasese district.

    This needs empowering rural communities with knowledge and skills about HIV/AIDS care and offering of home visits. Home based care program is a good ideal to improve on the quality of life.

    This high increase of HIV/AIDS infection in our district came about by the great war that hit our area (ADF) in 1996 because of running up and down and luck of help during war times, girls and women were forced to get married to armed personnel’s sexual abuse increased, rape and other sexual harassment so this caused a high virus transmission.

    Our district Kasese being a boarder district with DRC and having lots of trading activities practiced at the boarder, trailer drivers and traders from various places of the continent led to high increase of sexual activities, so this led many people into the HIV/AIDS infection.

    Polygamy also in our district and yet having little income generating activities has also been quickest way of making AIDS disease rampant in our area.

    Large families are valued and yet the risk of having many children together presents areas physical danger not only to women themselves but also to their families.

    Most of the rural households are poor that they can not get good or regular meals as required and because of this poorness people can not afford the buy standard drugs or get appropriate medical treatment and this fails them at least get or enjoy a high quality life.

    The communities in Kasese district have a pressing problem of high increase in the number of children infected by HIV/AIDS who in most cases have not received health attention. A group of the children have been orphans and looked for by their poor relatives and others are being cared for by their sick parents.


    To improve quality of life in orphans and children infected by HIV/AIDS.


    To provide proper care and support our orphans children infected by HIV/AIDS and empower them for self reliance.


    To improve on the quality of life of orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS in the communities through addressing and provision of services that on supporting and caring for the homeless and HIV/AIDS infected children, ensuring improving child welfare, health services, providing education, fighting hunger, technical, agricultural advisory services, training in tailoring, carpentry, computer studies and mechanics to orphans and other vulnerable people.



    Sensitize the community about this killer disease and how to care and support children infected by HIV/AIDS.

    Encouraging post testing clubs and mobile clinics to extend health services near the people.

    Train people counseling and care skills.

    Support orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS with food nutrients.

    Taking out home visitations and check on children living with HIV/AIDS plus guiding the care takers on how to take care over these infected children (word of encouragement).

    Mobilization of people living with HIV/AIDS in the community and sensitize them on how to take care of themselves and human rights enhancement.

    Supporting and promoting income generating activities through skills training people and children living with HIV/AIDS and the whole community for self reliance.

    Meetings every after 36 days and analyze challenges, know the stages of the project, feed backs and updates.



    To promote quality life for orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS

    To sensitize the community about care, prevention on the side of those still free and support for infected children.

    To promote quality life for orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS by providing them education.

    To promote their life living in the word of God.

    To rescue and cut off all their grieves and sorrows (orphans and children living with HIV/AIDS) by planting in them hope, care and support.



    They lack proper medical care

    They lack proper accommodation

    They lack proper feeding

    They are always lonely

    They live in fear

    They lack education

    They lack proper care

    They always think about death

    Lack of clothing /shoes

    Lack of parental care

    Lack of medicine and this brings about a high rate of death in needy people.

    Disease attacks due to poor feedings

    They are always beggars

    They live a miserable life

    Lack of land

    Lack of job opportunities because they are un educated

    They have no joy in life

    They always live in poor hygiene

    Some take much alcohol so that it should give them a peaceful mind


    - Severe wars
    - Hopelessness
    - Diseases
    - Lack of education
    - Domestic Violence
    - Ungodliness
    - Lack of Unity
    - Selfishness
    - Lack of Job opportunities
    - Fornication
    - Theft
    - Poorness
    - Lack of Parental care
    - Drunkard ness
    - Greed
    - Love for money
    - Unsatisfactory
    - Unfaithfulness
    - Jealousy
    - Hypocrisy
    - Unadvisable
    - Rape
    - Un-peaceful mind

    We are a Christian ministry helping people through spreading the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ to the entire world.

    So dear ministers of God as you have read the above detailed information by letting you know about the bad situation we are living in here, we kindly request for your support over this program of ORPHANS AND HIV/AIDS PROGRAM in order to enhance or improve the quality of life for these suffering and hopeless or helpless people.

    Contact us:


    Personal email:

    Tel: +256 752804445

    +256 772965381

    Hope for vulnerable children ministry

    P.O Box 319 Kasese Uganda E. Africa.

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