Hugh Jackman Arrives In Miami, Says Fans Rarely Recognize Him

Unless they catch him scrambling down the side of a building, of course.

Despite the fact that Hugh Jackman holds the title for People’s Sexiest Man Alive, the Wolverine star claims that his fans rarely recognize him when he’s not standing on a red carpet, surrounded by the flashing lights of paparazzi snapping his photos. I’d recognize Hugh anytime, even wearing a hat, sunglasses, white v-neck t-shirt, black shorts and Chuck Taylor’s.

“I’ve been stood in the street with people arguing with me over whether I am that guy from X-Men. I’ve had to show people my (driving) license to prove who I am,” Jackman told the Daily Star.

The Aussie actor has been mistaken for both Vin Diesel and Rupert Everett. He went on to say that a fan gushed to him about his supposed performance in My Best Friend’s Wedding, which Jackman had to explain to her was not him. The woman protested, “No, you are in it. I’ve seen it 100 times.”

At least she thought he was Rupert pre-plastic surgery. Otherwise, he should really be offended.

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