Hugh Jackman Says ‘Tag, You’re It!’

March 17th, 2008 // 6 Comments

I think this photo of Hugh with child is looking to compete with the recently recreated “Man and Baby” poster re-enacted by English rugby player Ben Cohen and his daughter for pure hot dadness. And as each new batch of “shirtless Hugh” photos come in, I remain pretty sure that I won’t ever get sick of seeing pictures of Hugh Jackman frolicking on the beach with his family.

I think the reason it still feels like such a treat is that Hugh actually limits his shirtlessness to water activities, whereas Matthew McConaughey did it so much, I stopped being appreciative and started doubting whether or not he even owned any tops.


14 more families of a shirtless Hugh Jackman and his family are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. jackson

    I wish my daddy were that hot…

  2. boot

    Whos that ugly woman in white? thah kid is mixed race….. where is the mom?

  3. Zekers

    He and his wife adopted the little guy-the woman is probably grandma/nanny and you, “boot,” are kind of a moron.

  4. Shell

    LMAO… that woman is his wife… mores the pity *grumbles*

  5. Shell

    LMAO… that woman is his wife… mores the pity *grumbles*

  6. kp

    also ich kann nur sagen für einen Mann wie ihn hat Gott worte erfunden z.b.:sexy geil heiß usw:D!
    und zu ihm und seiner Frau kann ich nur sagen wo die Liebe hin fällt und hauptsache ist man ist glücklich!!

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