Hugh Jackman Starting to Look Wolverine-ish

January 12th, 2008 // 8 Comments

Hugh Jackman and his adorable son Oscar went out for a day of shopping in Australia, the hunk’s homeland. Hugh looks like he is growing out all that face fur, as he is headed to Queenstown , New Zealand at the end of the month to start filming “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

Thank God. I need a good nerdy movie to get rid of the bad taste the zombies of “I Am Legend” left in my mouth, and I just don’t see Edward Norton as The Incredible Hulk doing it for me. Batman? Maybe if I close my eyes during the Heath Ledger parts. Then again, Heath gives me the creeps even when he isn’t in costume anymore.

For now, maybe we should just bask in the beauty that is a scruffy Hugh Jackman.

Photos: Pacific Coast News Online

More photos of Hugh Jackman and his son Oscar enjoy some shopping in Sydney are after the jump.

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Photos: Pacific Coast News Online

By Intern Traci

  1. Hugh Jackman was the hottest export a few years ago, actually late 90′s to early 2000, but since we have discovered hot hot Clive Owen, Hugh has taken a step back and I am sure you can agree with me.

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  2. Supermodelhungry

    shut-UP….it is method ACTING!

  3. Supermodelhungry

    shut-UP….it is method ACTING! O wait tho Clive is uber hot..

  4. Bunny

    *non-chalantly tries to ease herself between the unsuspecting Hugh Jackman and Clive Owen*

    Tragic Headline-

    “Middle-aged woman overdoses on testosterone”. Dies with enormous smile on her face…..!

  5. theoriginalspy

    *leaves no clever comment, just drools excessively.*

  6. MiHay

    He is too damn sexy for words!!

    And when he is with his kids it only makes him sexier. :P

  7. jonizzle

    that wolverine. what a big ackman hes got. get it?!?! HUGE ACKMAN. har harharh harhahrahrhra.

  8. mike g

    For never seen pics and more on Hugh Jackman

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