Hugh Jackman Hunts for Bugs with the Kiddos

January 2nd, 2008 // 5 Comments

Cute dad, Hugh Jackman, is seen here with his two kids, Ava and Oscar, enjoying a jaunt out and about in Centennial Park in Sydney, Australia. Does it get much more adorable than this? Oh wait, they were collecting bugs and playing ball. OK yeah, that pushed it over the top for me. Take notes, Larry Birkhead. This is what a dad is supposed to be doing. Believe it or not, cruising hoochies at the club while your daughter’s already precarious childhood eeks away is considered shady. But then again, if that’s how you met your baby-mama in the first place, maybe you’re just feeling nostalgic. Back to Hugh for a moment. I think he looks best when he’s keeping it simple. That clean white t-shirt, cargo shorts, flip-flops and sexy aviators are seriously doing it for me right now. Two thumbs way up, sir.


More photos of Hugh Jackman playing with his kids Oscar and Ava after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Cheers!!

    Hugh Jackman is the ALL KINDS OF HOT that Brad Pitstain wishes he was!!

    Now THAT is a DILF!!! Viva La Hugh!

  2. Seriously, just pictures of Hugh Jackman make my day.

    If Australia guaranteed me that level of hotness, I’d move there.

  3. FreakyZ

    I got a bug that man can hunt for… with his tongue.. while those big ol’ manly man arms are snaked around my thighs, hands grabbing my quivering ass.


  4. Joan

    Hugh is a real father,good actor,I like he always do his best to play his roles.

  5. Zhindy amazing it is.i never thought that wolverine is a very cute father.hehehe…well…i dont mean anything with that.just stay cool hugh.God bless

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