Hugh Hefner to Give Marriage Another Feeble Try

February 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments


At the age of eighty, it looks like Hugh Hefner might finally be settling down with just one woman, his number one girlfriend, Holly Madison, before the end of the year. And, like he has most of his life, he will be mixing business with pleasure, according to Page Six:

“This is very secret, but the word is ‘yes,’ ” one insider told Page Six. “Hef has decided he will marry Holly, and he wants it for his show, ‘The Girls Next Door.’ Hef thinks business all the time, and looks for a new hook, although he also does really love Holly.”

It’s always nice when love and marketing can coexist in such perfect harmony. But that’s not all the mysterious source had to say about Hef’s relationship with his three “girlfriends”:

“But Hef sees that she is the most dedicated,” said our source. “Kendra is never there, and they both hate each other, and Bridget is hanging on by being very friendly to Holly.”

All of this is being kept extremely hush-hush because it would destroy the very premise of his highly successful reality show. Well, hush-hush except for the fact that now we all know.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jinxy McDeath

    Holly The new Anna Nicole Smith tm Dead within a year or so! I guess Holly will be forced by Hef’s 1st and 2nd family to wave all empire rights… but still I see a trainwreck rolling down the rails.

    There’s a lawyer named Howard who’s available as personal slave Holly, at least that’s the word around town. Ahem.

  2. Kelly Rummelhart

    Whatever! Anything to get rid of Kendra . . . she totally bugs!

  3. YAY! good for holly, she’s so in love with him. i love bridget though she’s pretty sticky-sweet all the time, and kendra i could frankly do without. i hope they really do get married and have kids.

  4. jules

    OMG, Hugh has had more ass than a toilet seat in Grand Central station. What the hell is poor Holly thinking. Is this the only way she can get some modicrum of fame? Fucking an old dead skeleton? The whole thing is just so gross.

  5. Andrea

    Gross! How old is he, anyhow? Isn’t he concerned she’s just waiting for him to die so she can get his money? Or doesn’t he care as long as he gets some action?

  6. Judy

    AAh you know what Im really happy for Holly, this is all she has really ever wanted, out of them all she is the only one that is there for love, shame I do like Bridget but I don’t that that she had any plans of staying with Hef until death do us part, Holly on the other hand really does love him, as for Kendra, sorry ghetto bitch no comment available.

  7. Ani

    It’s known that Holly is the head bitch at the Mansion. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll make your life a living hell. She’s been obssessed with getting Hef to marry her since day one – read up on it.

    Honestly, after 6 years of slobbing that old knob, she kinda deserves it. And no, she won’t end up like ANS – the girls are kept under very strict rules there (i.e., curfews, allowances, etc.).

  8. margaretta

    Will he know he is married?
    Is there a viagra/alzheimer combo?

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