Hugh Grant Will Kick The Shit Out Of You. Literally.


Hugh Grant went nuts and kicked a photographer and threw shit at him yesterday . This is why I’m not out running around with a camera in people’s grilles. We may have to buy exclusive photos but my shins stay bruise-free and creamy, thank you very much.

Apparently fed up with photographers documenting his every move, the 46-year-old British actor threw an unidentified object and unleashed his stellar kicking skills on one of the paps outside his London home.

Damn, Hugh. That’s not very Notting Hill. And uh, kicking? That’s something I would do because I punch like a girl. Correction. I punch like me, girls probably hit harder. But I can kick with the best of them. High-kick! Like a damn Rockette! And he wonders why he’s always getting those effete British fop-guy parts and not up for Indy 4 or something.

See Hugh Grant in action after the jump.