Hugh Grant Is Pissed

July 15th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Wow, the man has a temper. And he’s not pretty when he loses his cool.

(Images via ohnotheydidn’t)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Sissy

    Pure evil.

  2. ella

    Wonder if he’s hiding a hooker in there?

  3. rooty toot

    Damn, you’d think Divine Brown was in the backseat!

  4. why don’t they just let the paparazzi take a picture, then they’ll leave?

  5. Brian

    Because the STALKerazzi NEVER know when to quit.Afew more stars should fight back.

  6. Bink

    Oh my gosh!! His face is extremely wrinkled.

  7. smileyrose

    You have to admit, the paparazzi are a little cruel and they keep intruding on his personal life…he’s entitled to feel a little miffed i suppose.

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