Hugh Dancy Can Be In My Little Black Book

As one of the sexiest actors currently working, Hugh Dancy is a busy man. He’s set to tie the knot with Claire Danes in September, and is currently promoting his latest film Adam, where he plays a man with Asperger syndrome. After a photoshoot for BlackBook Magazine, Hugh sat down with them to talk about his life, his work, and the rebels he portrayed for the mag’s photoshoot which include James Dean, Sid Vicious, Jackson Pollack, and Oscar Wilde.

“James Dean portrayed rebellion brilliantly,” he tells BlackBook, “but I don’t necessarily think of him as a rebel. If anybody deserves to be considered a rebel in his own right, it’s Marlon Brando. He really overturned things.” Being the rebel does seem quite the stretch for the seemingly proper British actor, so seeing him as punkster Sid Vicious is quite interesting. “He had a wild, self-destructive bent and I guess there’s something rebellious about that. But to be a real rebel, you must have a clear vision of not only what you don’t like, but also what you want to replace it with. It’s about more than just cutting yourself with a razor.”

Leave it to Hugh, who has a degree from Oxford in English Literature, to feel most comfortable with writer Oscar Wilde. “I think Wilde did something remarkable,” Hugh says, “at least by the standards of his society: He painted his vision of life, not only by being gay, but also through his shockingly new ideas about how we should look at art.” I totally agree.

After he began dating Evening co-star Claire Danes, Hugh became tabloid fodder. Billy Crudup had left seven months pregnant girlfriend Mary-Louise Parker for Claire, and Claire left him for Hugh. Drama! But Hugh didn’t try and let any tabloid rumors bother him. “I’m English, and I have a very well developed sense of denial. When attention like that becomes a problem, I try to blot it out as if it’s not there. I guess it’s in my genetic makeup.”

After some fun, crowd-pleasing films, Hugh is getting into more serious roles with Adam. “I’m delighted to have done Adam, but I’m just as proud of [Confessions Of A] Shopaholic,” he says. “Actually, I should calibrate that. I’m more proud of Adam, but I’m not automatically more proud of it because I play a character with a ‘condition.'”

I do love my Hugh and I am very excited to see him in Adam. I think it’ll be good. I also think that Hugh Dancy needs to star in more films. He’s pretty.

Gallery Info: Hugh Dancy as James Dean, Sid Vicious, Jackson Pollack, and Oscar Wilde for BlackBook Magazine.