Hugh Jackman’s Tangled Mess [PHOTOS]

Hugh Jackman's Star
Hugh Jackman gets a star on the Walk of Fame.
When Hugh Jackman isn’t working his massive muscles, or spending time with his family, he’s spending time with his dog Dali.

Yesterday (April 10, 2013), Hugh got himself and his dog into a little bit of a mess.

His overly excited little dog, got his leash tangled up with a much larger pooch. Hugh and the other dog’s owner had a bit of a tricky time getting the dogs untangled.

At one point the larger dog have Dali a bear hug. Dali didn’t seem to mind one bit. 

After the little doggie event was over, Hugh met up with his wife and kids. Today it just so happens to be his wedding anniversary.

So, happy 17th wedding anniversary Hugh and Deborah!