Hugh Jackman’s Stalker Indicted By Grand Jury, Hugh Continues To Pump Iron

Handsome Hugh Jackman likes to keep his hard body in tip top shape, as is clear from these photos taken of him working out at the gym after a jog. But he has other reasons to stay physically fit, one of which is to be able to sprint away from deranged women wielding razors.

Katherine Thurston was recently indicted by a grand jury for an alleged altercation with the Les Miserables actor outside of Gotham Gym in Greenwich Village in NYC this past April. Her lawyer, Liz Beal, said it’s not yet clear if her client is mentally capable to continue with prosecution. Nor is it clear how she’s able to maintain her grooming habits now that her razor has been taken from her. So many questions surrounding this trial!

Well, if she tries something else, she better look out because his veins are pumped and ready.