Hugh Jackman’s ‘Real Steel’ Expected to KO the Competition [VIDEO]

While October usually marks the beginning of the horror movie releases and TV marathons, the box office premiere to watch in the ring this weekend is Hugh Jackman’s Real Steal, which is set to knock out last week’s high rollers: Moneyball and Dolphin Tale.

Dreamworks hopes to land big with Real Steal, which took $110 million to make and is worth every pretty penny thanks to the rock hard abs of Jackman. However, don’t expect many shirtless lust scenes, ladies. This film is directed towards young boys. The father-son storyline (which Jackman can relate to easily) is set in the distant future where robotic boxing has become the number one sport on ESPN. As a former boxer turned promoter, Jackman and his family – which includes a lovely wife played by Evangeline Lilly, build and train a new robotic boxer to dominate the ring.

Other contenders to watch are George Clooney’s The Ides of March, which has Oscar buzz already circling that pretty head, and The Way starring Martin Sheen. However, if you’re looking for the Halloween gore and thrill, Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence releases in theaters. While I covered my eyes during the trailer of the first installment, I promise chills and gags through the second.

Check out three amazing videos that take you behind the scenes of the film Real Steel featuring boxer Sugar Ray Leonard, director Shaun Levy and production designer Tom Meyer after the jump.