Hugh Jackman Talks Oscars As He Receives A Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame! [PHOTOS]

Hugh on Broadway
Hugh Jackman's opening night on Broadway!
Anne Hathaway
Accessorizes her broken arm in style.
Despite being in a film this Christmas with a title that translates to “The Miserable,” Hugh Jackman is anything but! Just after Jackman, and Les Miserables as a film, snagged both “SAG Award” and “Golden Globe” nominations, the actor, who plays the leading male, Jean Valjean, in the film is still riding the wave of success right now.

To begin what will surely be a successful and illustrious awards show season, Jackman was also honoured in Los Angeles with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. To show support at the ceremony, in front of the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd, were Jackman’s Les Mis co-stars, Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried, joined by presenter Jay Leno and the actor’s wife and kids.
When E Online caught up with the actor at the ceremony and asked him how he was feeling about the whole ordeal, the actor gleefully said ” It’s kind of a surreal day…I’ll probably always remember Thursday, Dec. 13 and I think I’m either going straight from here to buy a lottery ticket or to a casino because it just feels like someone is looking down on me in a very nice way at this moment.”

Once awards show season comes around at the beginning of next year, Jackman and the cast will surely be making the rounds to promote and support the movie for all of its awards that it still has yet to be nominated for. So far, the nominations have been favorable for Les Mis, as mentioned above.

However, it’s still uncertain whether or not all of the success will lead up to a nomination from the final awards show of the season. The icing on the cake. The big kahuna. That’s right, The Academy Award. The film is as yet unnominated, but the season is still young! Jackman is hoping for a nomination, for one. At the ceremony, the actor showed his enthusiasm for the award saying, “I’m excited. The star is right here outside where I got to host the Oscars and if the movie gets nominated for an Oscar, it’ll be nice to get up there and show a little bit of the show to everybody.”

Things all seem to be going well for Jackman so far, so maybe it will go from his lips to the “Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science’s” ears! They should listen to him. He is Wolverine, after all.

Check out the gallery to see Hugh Jackman in all his star-receiving glory. And be sure to watch Les Miserablesin theaters on Christmas Day.