Hugh Jackman Takes His Family, Including The Dog, On A Scooter Adventure Through NYC

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I love kids, and all things adorable in general, so one of my favorite things ever is when celebrities take their adorable families out into the world for us to say awwwww about.

Hugh Jackman led one of the cutest family outings ever recently when he went with his wife Deborra-Lee Furness and daughter Ava through New York City on matching scooters. Yes, that’s right, an adorable celebrity family enjoying the day together on scooters. The family dog came too. I’m so glad someone got pictures of this adorableness. 

Hugh and his family seem to really love going out together on scooters, and it warms my heart. Actually, Hugh has even been seen out by himself on a scooter on occasion, because he’s a perfect human being. Something about having the entire family out together on scooters though is just too precious to me.

I hope their cute little dog can keep up! Celebrities love bringing their pooches out to exercise with them. They should all organize a big doggie play date together. I would kill to see that.

Hugh announced in January that he’ll be playing Blackbeard in a new Peter Pan movie, and filming has been set for sometime this summer. I guess it makes sense that Hugh will be playing Blackbeard. He has always been sort of a scruffy man. I bet the pirate look will fit him well. I can’t wait to find out.