Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Glistening Abs In Barcelona [PHOTOS]

Hugh on Broadway
Hugh Jackman's opening night on Broadway!
A shirtless Hugh Jackman took a dip in the ocean in Barcelona, Spain today (June 20, 2012) with his children Oscar and Ava Jackman photographed. The Jackman’s kept themselves busy today at the beach, by doing a little shopping and doing some site seeing.

Hugh is slated to host New York’s first screening of Aussie short film festival sensation Tropfest this weekend.

Tropfest, the brainchild of director John Polson, draws more than 150,000 attendees in Australia each year and is the biggest short film festival in the world. Jackman said one of his favorite things about the short film is its accessibility. Entries can be filmed on a mobile phone.

“The movies are not judged on technical merit because that’s one way to make film very elitist. It’s not so much about that or the quality of the lens but more the strength of the idea and the concept. Previously it’s people who may have been excluded or may not have the money but they have the talent and here they can show it.” 

Jackman says it’s a no brainer for someone who wants to break into showbiz.

“When I first graduated from drama school I knew the statistics that 98 percent of actors were unemployed. I vowed to myself that every day I would do something for my career. I wasn’t going to sit back. I was going to actively get out there and participate,” he said. “Here is a way that anyone can contribute. There’s no whining, ‘But I’m a filmmaker it’s so difficult, I can’t get an agent.'”