Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Perfect Dad Skills [PHOTOS]

Hugh on Broadway
Hugh Jackman's opening night on Broadway!
Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the greatest father on Earth: Hugh Jackman.

The actor was spotted in NYC this weekend grabbing some lunch with his daughter Ava, wife Deborra-Lee Furness and their dog Dali. Wonder if he’s named after Salvador? Just look at how happy Ava is to be hanging out with her dad. The way she’s grabbing onto his arm is adorable.

Sadly Hugh was clothed during their outing, unlike his sexy shirtless look on the beach. New rule: Hugh Jackman must always be shirtless. And singing. I think that’s something we can all get behind, right?I wonder where Hugh’s son was during this outing. Also–and I mean this sincerely and not in a bitchy way at all–does Deborra know any other hairstyles? This is the only one she ever does on the red carpet, so can’t she try something different?

Check out all the photos of Hugh, World’s Greatest (and Hottest) dad in the gallery. Now where are my manners? I’ve spent this whole time gushing about Hugh, make sure you get your gushing on in the comments.

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