Hugh Jackman Is Perfection In His Long Coat, Joins The Cast Of Joe Wright’s ‘Pan’

15 Hugh Jackman GIFS
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Just in case you don’t often frequent Socialite Life, let me explain: I have a thing for men in long coats. And guys, it all started with Hugh Jackman.

So it feels almost poetic that on the Friday before my birthday, the actor was spotted in New York City wearing a long coat. Sure it’s not quite like the one he wore in Kate & Leopold that stole my heart forever, but I’m down for what’s going on.

Also, did you hear about Hugh’s latest casting news? 

If reports are to believed–and since it’s Variety, we’re gonna believe it–Hugh has just been cast as Blackbeard in Joe Wright’s Pan, an origin story for Peter Pan. Rumor has it that Garrett Hedlundhas been taped to play Captain Hook in the movie, which sees Peter and Hook teaming up against Blackbeard.

So this means we’re gonna get two Peter Pan origin stories soon, as Disney is still developing Peter & the Starcatchers. I am so excited! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Hugh wearing his long coat and make your excitement grow even more.