Hugh Jackman Hurt During Stunt On Oprah

The things you’ll do for Oprah. DILF Hugh Jackman appeared on a taping of the big O’s show yesterday and was left with a black eye and cut after sliding down a cable from the top of the Sydney Opera House towards a giant outdoor stage where Oprah was taping her show. Video of the incident is after the jump.

The 42-year-old actor failed to stop, crashing into the stage’s light rigging and hurting his face. Paramedics rushed onto the stage to tend to him, and just said “I’ve hurt my eye – it’s not bad. I’m really sorry about this.”

Oprah called a break on the show and Jackman rallied and joined the show again with a bandage and a bruise appearing quickly…

“It was the excitement,” he said. “It caused me to hit the brake too late.”

The hunk went on to give Oprah a lesson in Vegemite, a favorite Aussie spread, and chasing it with the Penfold’s Grange, one of Australia’s most expensive wines.

And in another act of amazingness, Oprah gave everyone in the audience a silver necklace with an ‘O’ pendant and presented a Sydney couple with a check for $200,000 after watching an emotional video in which the husband told of his battle with cancer.

The Sydney-filmed shows that Oprah is currently taping will feature stars such as Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman, with Bon Jovi expected to perform.