Hugh Jackman & His Wolverine Beard Give Thanks To The Australian Folks Who Helped Make Him A Star [PHOTOS]

Hugh Jackman Shirtless
The actor enjoys a little time at the beach.
It’s lovely to know that even though Hugh Jackman is one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, he still remembers to give credit to those who helped get him where he is today.

The Australian hottie was spotted down under at the VIP launch event for The Acting Edge. The event was held at the Actors Centre in Sydney where Hugh took some of the classes he credits with getting him to the stage in his career that he’s at today. I’m sure he took all the important classes like learning to kick ass while carrying a tune.

Hugh looked hot, as can be expected of him. I’m loving the casual suit look. Plus, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as Hugh’s smile. I’ll let you all stare for a moment. So, what’s up with the Wolverine beard?

Oh come on! You’ve gotta know that Hugh is currently filming The Wolverine. The film is a sequel to the 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so I’m super stoked about what other amazing things we’re going to learn about Wolverine. Plus, it’s always exciting watching Hugh kick some ass.

It’s almost as exciting as watching him getting his song on. I cannot WAIT for Les Miserables! Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the Acting Edge event. Don’t you think it’s wonderful that Hugh still remembers “the little people”? What a sweetie pie.