Hugh Jackman Good To Friends, Family, And… Film Crew?

April 12th, 2012 // 1 Comment

Hugh Jackman is a hot, fab actor, but he’s also a generous one, too! The Australian actor went to a Berkshire, England newsstand to buy £250 in lottery tickets (that’s almost $400, fyi). He distributed them out to the entire Les Mes crew, and even though no one won (well, no one said they won), it was a pretty sweet gesture.

This isn’t the first time Jackman’s given out lottery tickets to cheer crew up. When filming Real Steel last year, he splurged on 500 tickets on a weekly basis– talk about going above and beyond! Hugh sees it as a way of… paying taxes. Apparently.

… And maybe appeasing a teeny guilt complex? When filming his first American film, he explained that ”I was embarrassed to say two months in that I didn’t know half of the crew’s names. So I thought that on a Friday afternoon I’ll whip by and buy lottery tickets for everyone and hand them out. I say it’s an Australian tradition, but it’s not.”

Jack is a pretty generous guy; he raised almost $1 million for charity with his own Broadway show, Hugh Jackman, Back On Broadway. So should it be any surprise that he’s a fantastic dad, too? He was spotted playing football with his kids in New York yesterday afternoon, and boy, he’s as fit as he philanthropic.


By Joycelene Fernandez

  1. Hugh Jackman Plays Football With His Family
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    It’s weird. Is Hugh Jackman trying to make himself look more masculine posing for football pictures with the grandmother?

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