Hugh Jackman for ‘Famine No More’

Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborah-Lee Furness recently released a video requesting aid for relief of hunger in East Africa. They suggest participants to eat one less meal a day in order to donate $10 per meal to the efforts. Initiated by the organization World Vision, the campaign is named FamineNoMore and is centralized through social media and can be reached by texting “FAMINE” to “20222”.  As the area faces the “worst drought of the 21st century” World Vision along with ambassadors of the organization including Jackman are hoping for global aid in the shape of $100 million. Jackman says the benefits of the plan include:

“World Vision is supporting long-term programs such as drought-tolerant crops, help for herders’ animals, and assistance to families to diversify their income source so that drought doesn’t leave them without an income.” His wife adds, ““Children are the most vulnerable in times of crisis like this and in the worst hit areas of Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia nearly half a million young people are at risk of malnutrition. Hugh and I have been to Ethiopia, and we’ve seen first-hand the World Vision staff who work on the ground. They’re at the crisis points now providing lifesaving food and water.”

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This isn’t Hugh’s first time supporting such a cause and his extended interest in such efforts is a testament to the quality level of the campaign. Acting as an ambassador for World Vision has been on Hugh’s philanthropic list for some years, even stepping out in 2009 in New York City for Climate Week. A global advisor for the Global Poverty Project, he is using his fame for good.