Hugh Jackman Does Robot Dance At UK Real Steel Premiere [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Ever the playful one, Hugh Jackman did a little robot dance at last night’s Real Steel premiere in London. The film, set in the future where massive steel robots slug it out in the ring instead of humans, sees Jackman’s character team up with his son in an attempt to train a robot to compete in a big fight.

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While the marketing push may be the robots angle, Hugh says the heart of the film lies within the relationships between a father and a son. Jackman said:

“I heard robot boxing and thought that’s not for me but it’s basically an underdog sports story. It could be racing, it could be ping pong, it happens to be really cool amazing robots which are incredible to look at but the story is really about the father and son and the people around the story.”

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Hugh Jackman’s new “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em” robot film Real Steel will be hitting theaters on October 7th.

Watch Hugh’s robot dance…