Hugh Jackman Defies The NYC Bedbug Threat

Industry professionals are worried that the bedbug scare in New York City will drive away tourists, so Hugh Jackman took matters into his own hands. The sometimes Broadway star took advantage of getting followed by a swarm of paparazzi on Friday and laid down on a discarded mattress on the sidewalk. Now that’s initiative! Daughter Ava looked horrified at dad’s antics and tried to quickly pull him away.

But the New York City dad is certainly on to something: TripAdvisor has seen a 12 percent increase in posts referencing bedbugs in New York City. The scare could seriously harm the city’s 30 billion dollar tourist industry as travelers are worried over the pests which not only reside in beds, as their name suggests, but also in buses, trains and cabs. Ew! Who knows what could have been crawling on that mattress!