Hugh Jackman Breaks WWE Wrestler’s Jaw, Or Does He? [VIDEO]

See, this is why I don’t watch WWE Raw. I’m just not sure how raw it is. Hugh Jackman made an appearance on the popular show the other night to promote his new film Real Steel. Hugh was paired up with wrestler Zach Ryder as he tousled with Dolph Ziggler. According to reports, and the video we’ve got after the jump, Hugh joined in for a minute giving Dolph quite the punch across the face. Yes friends, just because he’s a singer and dancer on Broadway doesn’t mean he can’t punch a bitch.

While the punch was staged, obviously, Ziggler tweeted later, “land in Bikini Bottom 9:30 am, MRI scheduled for 1 pm…..possible fractured jaw #thanksBatman.” Followed by, “hairline mandibular fracture. Guess i’ll put my chipotle in a blender for a few weeks, its not ballet #HEEL > heal.” Oh shit, Jackman broke his jaw? Also, really Ziggler? It’s Wolverine, not Batman.

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Ready for the twist? Apparently he didn’t break his jaw! According to TMZ Ziggler made the whole breaking-jaw incident up and that the WWE didn’t even know he was going to do it. Do you think Hugh was in on it? In the video of the punching–check it after the jump–it does look like a crazy hard punch. Luckily Hugh wasn’t punching anyone at the Toronto premiere of Real Steel. Check out the photos in the gallery.

I don’t whether to believe TMZ or not. Like, it takes dedication to tweet about a fake injury. Do you think WWE wrestlers are even clever enough to make up something like that? All in all, it’s really good publicity for Real Steel. Not that Hugh looking sexy ont he red carpet in Paris wasn’t good publicity enough. Watch the video after the jump and leave us your thoughts.