Hugh Jackman And James McAvoy Bring The Leather Hotness To ‘X-Men’ Event

15 Hugh Jackman GIFS
Why Hugh is the perfect person to play Wolverine.
Now I don’t know about you guys, but the movie I am most looking forward to in this spring season is obviously X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Clearly the good people of the world know this and brought Hugh Jackman and James McAvoy to London today to unveil the Virgin Train cars featuring their X-Men characters. Can you imagine riding in a car with Wolverine on it?

Also, my god can Hugh and James pull off those leather jackets. 

In addition to long coats my other weakness is a man in leather, much like these two. Plus, look how excited they were about their own trains. Hugh shared this photo on Instagram with the caption, “Awesome morning at the #Virgin train unveiling. Wolverine is the kabus [sic]! Seems right. #XMEN #JamesMcAvoy”

I’m just gonna start writing “#JamesMcAvoy” in all of my captions because why not.

In other news, have you seen Wolverine: The Musical, in which Hugh plays Wolverine in an X-Men/Les Miserables crossover? It’s awesome. Check it out below then launch the gallery for all the Hugh and James hotness you could want.