Hugh Jackman And Family (Minus Ava) Are Adventurous With Food

When he isn’t training with famous boxers like Sugar Ray Leonard, Hugh Jackman and his family can be found trying out different types of cuisines.  From Italian to Korean cuisine, they are pretty much willing to try it. Even his son Oscar, 11, loves spicy food and is more ‘adventurous’ than the Kimchi Chronicles actor, with the levels of spice he is willing to endure.

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One person in the Jackman clan that isn’t willing to go outside of her comfort zone? Hugh’s 5-year-old daughter Ava, who he calls ‘white foods girl.’ 

“My daughter – we call her the white foods girl. Pasta, mashed potatoes, hot dogs, pizza. She likes it down the line.”

I love those foods too but that little girl needs to learn to implement different flavors in her diet.  She has time! Hugh is seen taking White Foods Girl, aka Ava to school in New York City.