Hugh Jackman Advises Anne Hathaway And James Franco To Lay Off The Drinks

Former Oscar host Hugh Jackman had some pre-show advice for newbies Anne Hathaway and James Franco in anticipation of Sunday’s big event: wait to booze up until after the gig is over!

“To each his own but, for me, I wouldn’t advise them to have a drink before,” Jackman said. “I can’t relax at the idea of drinking before a four- hour gig. It’s like, no. Afterwards – oh yes.”

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Jackman had another good reason to wait to start partying: a room full of losers just ain’t that fun.

“After an hour, an hour-and-a-half, people start leaving, people start losing,” he said. “Then it becomes a different atmosphere.” So, do you think Anne and James are going to be any good? The preview video leaves a lot to be desired…What advice would you give them?