Hugh Jackman Accidentally Walked Around Spa Naked

July 16th, 2013 // Leave a Comment

What was the name of that spa and when will he be there next? Those are my first two questions about this little mishap.

Hugh Jackman, seen here attending yesterday’s (July 15, 2013) premiere of Wolverine in South Korea, visited a traditional hot spring at the base of Mount Fuji while in the country to film his new movie The Wolverine.

Mister tall, dark and handsome shocked customers at a Japanese spa by walking around naked baring one too many muscles while clutching a can of beer. 

He explained: “The place is separated male and female and they hand you a towel, a small washcloth, and there are eight different types of tubs with heats of different temperatures. I’m getting so hot and I’m using the towel they gave me to dip into the cold water and put it on my head and I was getting very strange looks from everybody.”

Although the 44-year-old star initially worried he was being stared at because he was the only white person there, a fellow customer quickly pointed out his cultural error.

He added: “I was feeling uncomfortable and finally this guy in the tub grunts and points to my head and then grunts and points to my private parts. Finally I realized the towel was meant to be covering my privates.”

Oops. Luckily the patrons really weren’t in a position to be carrying cellphones with them, otherwise you know that Hugh’s junk would be all over the internet now.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

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