Hugh Grant Snogs A Parrot At ‘The Pirates!’ UK Premiere [PHOTOS]

Grant Gets Political
The star at the Conservatie Party Conference.
Ever the card, Hugh Grant cozied up to a toy parrot at the UK premiere of The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists.  Grant took his godson, Damian Hurley along to the premiere at London’s Mayfair Hotel today (March 21st).  Damian is Elizabeth Hurley’s son from her relationship with real estate heir Steve Bing.

Grant voices Pirate Captain in the animated 3D flick, which follows a band of pirates as they get caught up with the likes of Charles Darwin and Queen Victoria.  If the claymation tomfoolery looks familiar, it’s because Pirates! comes courtesy of Wallace & Gromit’s creators.

Grant recently told the Guardian that’s he’s slowly getting used to be being a father.  Tabitha, born last September, was the result of a short-lived relationship Grant had with Tinglan Hong. “I like my daughter very much,” Grant told the newspaper.  “Fantastic. Has she changed my life? I’m not sure. Not yet. Not massively, no. But I’m absolutely thrilled to have had her, I really am. And I feel a better person.”