Hugh Grant On ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary 3′: “Our Public Demands Some More Fisticuffs”

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Mmmmh, delicious Daniel Cleaver/Hugh Grant.  The Pirates! An Adventure In Science star appeared on Today yesterday (April 23rd) for a spot of promotion, sharing screen time with an overweight cat.  While we’re kind of jazzed to hear Grant voice a pirate captain, there is a more pressing matter to discuss: The fate of Bridget Jones’s Diary 3.

“I’ve seen some scripts,” Hugh told MTV News April 20th. “They haven’t quite hit the nail yet, but they will. They’re working on it.”  Well, get on with it, then!

“Yes, our public demands some more fisticuffs!” Grant added, referring to Cleaver fights with Colin Firth’s Mark Darcy.  They do indeed, with just as much air kicking and such.  Hurrah!